About Myself

Tomo from Japan, come and go between London and Tokyo.

Whilst the songs of the UK indie bands have been saving my life a lot, I wonder why they are not getting enough attention so I’m happy to dedicate myself to spread their names in Japan. I do this because I would like to simply appreciate great bands giving off wonderful songs.

Discovering Breton at The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch 9 years ago was my big turning point. The UK indie music world is full of treasure. The future in this world is bright as many artists are trying hard creating new stuff. It’s beautiful.

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Tomo. ロンドンと東京を行き来しています。


9年前、駆け出しのBretonをThe Old Blue Lastというべニューで発見したことが私の人生の転機のように思います。彼らの成功には驚かされました。UKのインディーミュージック界は可能性で満ち溢れています。新しいものを作り出そうと懸命に励むアーテイストたちの姿は本当に美しく、この世界の未来は明るいと実感させてくれます。