Them Things (Introduction)

大注目のバンドが彗星のごとくニューキャッスルから現れた!Them Thingsからの衝撃、あなたは受け止められるか!

バンドThem Thingsは現在ニューキャッスル(北イングランド)に住む4人の青年、Jack (ドラム), Tom (ベース), Ilya (キーボード、ギター) 、Louis (ギター、ボーカル)から成る。どこかスコットランドのバンドThe Viewと共通しているところがあるが、Them Thingsは、ひたすら我が道を行くインディー精神剥き出し。その音楽は挑戦的で、彼ら自身、とても才能に溢れている。




An electric band hailing from Newcastle just like a comet, Them Things are ready to leave a big impact on you!

Them Things are formed by 4guys, Jack (drums), Tom (bass guitar), Ilya (keys, guitar) and Louis (guitar, vocals), who currently live in Newcastle. They have something in common with ace Scottish band, The View, but they are unsold, very indie, challenging and massively talented.

The vocalist has got a very unique voice. We know that these kind of singers with high tone are lacking in volume but he’s different! Louis’ voice is overwhelmingly strong and very energetic. He is well suited to be the face of the band. The drummer is very skillful. His powerful yet accurate and delicate beat is top-notch! He animates his drum kit and handles it amazingly like a jockey. The bass line is manly, low and raw but at the same time it’s very melodic. The bass alone is brilliant though when it’s paired with the bass drum, it’s dauntingly good. The notes made by the 2 guitars are elaborate, experimental and fascinating. It’s beautifully crafted.

Overall, as the 4 boys work together towards the climax, you will feel like your skin is getting burned by their musical, electrical heat! Literally, they are one of the bands growing super hot! Let’s find what Newcastle has to offer by following them!


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