Dream Wife (Interview)

This exciting London based band, Dream Wife, totally captured our imaginations during their show at the So Young Magazine event in August 2016, so we decided to find out more!

1. Would you introduce yourselves?

Hiya! Alice here, I shred the axe.
I’m Bella and I play bass.
I’m Rakel. I sing and I scream.

2. I read your profile and found that the band had been formed in the art school in Brighton. Would you tell us a bit about your art school lives you had?

We all studied different creative disciplines at art school, Bella studied Fine Art Painting, Alice Fine Art Sculpture and Rakel Music and Visual Art. This varied creative background has been incredibly important when applied to Dream Wife, we all have very different interests and skills creatively that gel together into the band. Going to university in Brighton was super cute, we had a lot of fun. With Brighton beach on our doorstep many summer days were spent hanging with friends lounging on the salty pebbles. It was a safe space to explore your ideas, art and music so we feel very happy that Dream Wife was made there and glad to be based in London. A lot of our friends from the Brighton scene came up to London after graduation and we’ve gotten to work on fun creative projects with them.

3. How old were you when you start playing instruments or singing?

Alice: I have done music things as long as I can remember, it’s always felt very natural to create this way, the recording and production of music has always gone hand in hand with the playing and writing of it. I used to be alone a lot, felt very isolated growing up in the countryside, so I would sit in my bedroom for the entirety of the summer holidays playing around recording songs and sounds. I played clarinet when I was a little kid but to be taught music wasn’t at all as fun as finding things out for yourself with NO RULES, so I begged my grandad for an electric guitar and the following christmas my dream came true. When I was ten or something the class bad boy and myself started a band called AK47 and sat around after school playing Deep Purple covers, after that I couldn’t stop.

Bella: I kinda never imagined that I would end up doing music, I just wanted to make stuff. I was in a band with some school friends when I was 16 or something. It was a really funny project and we would all dress up in costume for shows and I played the harmonium and the glockenspiel and the keyboard. The first time I ever played bass was in that band, doing a cover of Gigantic by the Pixies, I didn’t pick up a bass again until we started doing Dream Wife.

Rakel: I come from a large theatre, music and art family in Reykjavík. They’re a brilliant bunch. I’ve admired them, learned and worked with them since I was a child. Being born into a scene where you are told that you can do anything creative and have full support from the ones closest to you is very special. So since I was a child I either wanted to be an actress, a singer or a cowgirl. Basically I wanted to be Dolly Parton. I started singing in bands when I was a young teen. I did almost a decade in musical education; vocals, piano and guitar. And I can’t remember a day in my life when I didn’t want to pursue music. But of course you get sidetracked at times by just life happening and your own insecurities. A few years back I sang in a bed for 6 hours a day for a whole month with my sisters in Carnegie Museum, a durational performance art piece by my uncle Ragnar who is an artist. Everyone asked me afterwards if it had been hard or restraining. I answered ‘No, I loved every second of it.’ After that I knew that if you love every second of what you’re doing… you’re doing something right.

4. Not only music but your whole creation is very interesting. Would you tell us about the collaboration that you’ve done so far?

We have always been really excited by collaborations. So much of what we have done has been a result of working with our friends or people we find inspiring (that often end up becoming friends!). We are super pumped because we are about to release a video for our new single ‘Lolita’ from our first EP that was released right before the summer. We had such a good time making. Our friends Eleanor Hardwick and Sam Boullier directed it (they did the video for ‘Heartbreaker’ too) and one of our favorite stylists (and people for that matter) Alexandra Russo did an amazing job creating looks it and Olivia Pudelko (who we’ve worked with loads of times and love) did the make up. The idea of Lolita as a character is both disturbing, common in literature and interesting. We made a horror story in the countryside as the music video. We referred a few epic horror films: look like ghosts, witches and creatures of horror. Showing a more darker side to our Dream Wife world. We’ve been incredibly lucky to work with some of our favourite people to mention a few, artists such as Francesca Allen, Aidan Zamiri, Maisie Cousins, Meg Lavender, Joanna Kiely, Saga Sig, Rakel Unnur and so many others. We’re very thankful to have such an incredible creative team around us that bring together the world of Dream Wife.

5. It seems that the keyword to enjoy your music more is “feminism”. Are there any feminists who inspired you?

The idea that the only way to enjoy our music is through the word feminism is kinda dumb and I would really like to think not true, but then again feminism is literally the belief that people of all genders should be equal and so I guess if you don’t believe in feminism you probably don’t consider us equal so…
Our friend Ione Gamble, the creator of Polyester Zine is super inspirational. Polyester has brought lots of cool creative female identifying people together and made a lot of really good stuff happen. It’s been incredible meeting all these people within the london scene and is very inspiring. We have a lot to thank her for.
Women who inspire us, there’s so many. To name some big ones… Maya Angelou, Marina Abramovic, Sophie Calle, Patti Smith, Karen O, Dolly Parton, Peaches… okay this list could go on and on.

6. How does each member work when you make songs?

Sometimes one of us will bring an idea to the table and we will work on it together and develop it in the practice room, but other times we just jam things through and something completely unexpected and exciting comes out. Now that we have a drummer the writing process is so much freer, songs can flow and develop a lot more just simply through being able to jam around with a rhythm and see where ideas take us.

7. Who is the most leader type of the three?

We all take command in different ways, different skills allow for a each of us to take command of different areas of the Dream Wife output. We also have different interests whether it be social media, recording or creative merch. So we get to do what we’re good at and enjoy within this project.

8. Would you recommend us some cool bands to check out?

Garden Centre and Joey Four! They are a couple of our faves right now from London, they both do their own thing and it’s so great! The Brighton scene also has some incredible bands, we love the Magic Gang and Realms. From Reykjavík we have been collaborating with rapper called Vigdís from a rap group with 16 members called Reykjavíkurdætur which translates into the Daughters of Reykjavik. Their shows are amazing. Your jaw drops. Also from Reykjavík, Rakel is really into the hiphop scene there that’s getting some recognition now, check out GKR and Lord Pusswhip.

9. What do you think of the music scene in London at the moment?

London is so big and there is so much going on! We’ve only been properly living here for half a year or wait more…and are still getting to grips with the size of it, still feels like there must be so much left to discover. London is also an incredibly expensive place to live and it can be really difficult but people are finding ways to make exciting things happen.

10. What kind of impression do you have on Japan?

Bella: I grew up reading a lot of manga and have recently gotten back into one of my favorites – ‘Nana’. I see some parallels in the manga and our lives (haha) and it’s been really fun reading it again. I guess I imagine from that that there are a lot of super stylish punks making great music but who knows. I really hope I get to find out soon!

Rakel: It’s on the top our dream list: Play Japan. We travel a lot but seriously, it’s our dream destination to play. One of the best live bands I’ve ever seen is Bo Ningen. Blew me away when we saw them at Iceland Airwaves festival last year. They’re a London based band but are all from Japan. They were playing in Japan recently and my friend Yuki told me he heard us played in a shop he was in, then found our faces on a cover of a Tokyo zine about women in music … and then had people coming up to him after Fuji Rock festival asking him if he knew this band Dream Wife from London. That made me laugh so much. I was very surprised. Great to know that we have somewhat of a part of us on the other side of planet.

11. Would you give a message to your Japanese listeners?

We can’t wait to come play for you and meet you, let’s rock!

Thank you, Dream Wife. Please come to Japan and rock!


このロンドン拠点の期待のバンドDream Wifeは2016年8月、So Young Magazineのイベントで私たちの心をすっかり捉えてしまった!これはもう本人たちに話を聞くしかない!


Hiya! Alice だよ、axeのギターを弾いている.


私たちはアートスクールではみんな別々のコースをとっていたの。Bellaは絵画美術、Aliceは彫刻美術、Rakelは音楽とビジュアル・アート。この多分野に渡る芸術性がDream Wifeにものすごく重要で、私たちはそれぞれにとても異なる興味や専門性を持っていて、それがこのバンドの大事な要素となっているの。ブライトンの大学に通うのはとってもキュートだよ、すごく楽しかった。夏の間は、すごく身近なブライトンのビーチで友達と塩の香りがする小石の上でゆったり過ごしたなー。ブライトンは自分自身のアイディア、アート、音楽を探究するのに安全最適な場所だったから、Dream Wifeをそこで結成してからロンドンに拠点を移せたことをとても嬉しく思うよ。たくさんの友達が卒業と同時にブライトンのシーンからロンドンに飛び出してきたから、一緒に楽しい創作活動をしてきたよ。


Alice: 自分が覚えている限りでは、こういう風になにか作ることはいつもとても自然なことだったなぁ、録音や制作の全工程が演奏したり書いたりの手作業だった。私は田舎で育ったから、隔離されている感じがあったんだよね、一人ぼっちのことがよくあった。夏休みの間中ずっと自分の部屋で座って過ごしていたよ、歌や音を録音して遊んでた。小さい時にクラリネットを演奏していたんだけど、教えられる音楽って自分で何でもおかまいなしに自分のために追求していくものに比べたらちっとも面白くないね。だからおじいちゃんにエレキギターをねだって、その年のクリスマスに買ってもらったの。私が10歳くらいの時にクラスの悪ガキとAK47というバンドを始めて、放課後にDeep Purpleのカバーを演奏して過ごしていたの。それ以降、すっかり止められなくなっちゃった。

Bella:音楽をやめることは想像したことないと思う。何か作ることがしたかったの。私は16歳くらいのときに学校の友達とバンドを組んでいたよ。すごく面白いプロジェクトで、みんなショーの為に衣装に身を包んだりしていた。私はハーモニウムや鉄筋やキーボードを演奏してた。生涯で初めてベースを弾いたのもそのバンドでだったなぁ、The PixiesのGiganticをカバーしたの。それ以降、Dream Wifeを始めるまではベースに触ることはなかったよ。

Rakel:私はアイスランドのレイキャビークの演劇、音楽、アートに深く関わる一家の育ちなんだ。皆すごく才能があるよ。皆のことを尊敬している。小さいころから学んだり一緒に働いたりしてきた。自分はクリエイティブなことが何でもできると教えられて、一番身近な人たちからフルサポートを受けられるところに生まれるってとっても特別なことだと思う。だから子供の頃から、女優か歌手かカウガールになりたかったの。元々私、Dolly Partonになりたかったんだよ。ティーン前半の頃からバンドの中で歌いだしたよ。10年近く音楽の教育を受けてきた、ボーカル、ピアノにギター。私の人生の中で、音楽をやめたいって思った日はなかったと思う。もちろん人生何が起こるかわからないし、自分が不安定な状態に陥ったりして時に脱線することはあってもね。2,3年前にアメリカのカーネギー美術館で 1日6時間、丸々1か月、ベッドの中で姉妹で歌ったの。アーティストである私の叔父による一種のアートパフォーマンスとしてね。誰もが大変だったんじゃないか?とか我慢してたでしょ?って訊いてきたんだけど、「全然。私はどんな一瞬も楽しんでいたよ。」って答えたの。それ以来、自分がしていることが毎秒毎秒楽しければ、それは正しいことをしている証拠だって知ったの。


コラボレーションはいつだって楽しい。自分たちが今まで残してきた多くのものは友達やすごいって思える人たち(最終的には友達になることが多い!)と働いてきた結果だよ。この初夏にリリースした初めてのEPに収録されている新シングル‘Lolita’のビデオをもうすぐリリースするからすごく張り切ってるよ。制作はすごい楽しかった。友達であるEleanor HardwickとSam Boullierが監督して(二人とも私たちのビデオ‘Heartbreaker’も手掛けたよ)、私たちの大好きなスタイリストAlexandra Russoがセンスを発揮して最高の仕事をしてくれたし、Olivia Pudelko(いつも協力してくれる大好きな人)がメークを担当してくれた。Lolitaというキャラクターは心を惑わす存在で、文学的に知れていて、興味深いよね。私たちは田舎でホラーものをミュージックビデオとして撮ったよ。すごく有名なホラー映画をいくつか参考にしているの。ゴーストや魔女やらホラーの化け物に見えるように。私たちDream Wifeのよりダークな面をもっと見せているよ。私たちは自分たちが大好きな人たちと働けたことをとってもラッキーだと思っているよ。Francesca Allen, Aidan Zamiri, Maisie Cousins, Meg Lavender, Joanna Kiely, Saga Sig, Rakel Unnur等々のアーティスト。こんな素敵なクリエイティブチームが身近にいて、Dream Wifeの世界を一緒に作り上げてくれることにとっても感謝してる。


友人であるIone GambleはPolyester Zineのクリエイターで超影響受けまくっているんだけど、Polyesterは顕著なかっこいいクリエイティブな女性たちを集めて本当に良い企画を実現させているの。ロンドンのシーンの中でそういった人たちと会う機会があって最高だったし、とっても刺激的だった。彼女にはひたすら感謝。
、Maya Angelou, Marina Abramovic, Sophie Calle, Patti Smith, Karen O, Dolly Parton, Peaches…まだまだ挙げ続けられるよ。




私たちはみんな違うやり方でリーダーになるよ。それぞれ違うスキルを持っているから、Dream Wifeのアウトプットの中でも違う分野で仕切るの。それに私たちはそれぞれ違うことに興味があるの、それがソーシャルメディアだったり、レコーディング、商品の企画であっても。だから私たちは自分たちが得意なことするようにしてこのバンドというプロジェクトを楽しんでいるよ。


Garden Centre とJoey Four!ロンドンで気に入っているバンドはその二つ。両方とも独自の道を行っていてすごくかっこいい!ブライトンにもすごく良いバンドがいるよね、中でもMagic Gang と Realmsが大好き。レイキャビークに関して言うと、レイキャビークの娘たちという意味のReykjavíkurdæturっていう16人からなるラップグループのラッパーであるVigdísとコラボレーションしてきたよ。Reykjavíkurdæturのショーはすごいの。開いた口がふさがらないよ。これまたレイキャビークなんだけど、最近やっと認知されてきたヒップホップシーンにRakelはハマってるよ。GKR とLord Pusswhipをチェックしてみて。





Rakel: 日本で演奏することは私たちの願いリストのトップに入っているよ。私たちは旅行をたくさんするけど、マジで日本はライブをしたい場所。今まで私が見てきた中でライブがずば抜けて上手いバンドの1つがBo Ningenなんだけど、彼らを去年のIceland Airwaves festivalで見たときは頭ぶっとんだよ。彼らは日本人なんだけど、ロンドンを拠点としていてね、友達のYukiに教えてもらったんだけど、彼らが最近日本にライブをしに行った時に、お店の中で私たちの曲が流れていたり、女性ミュージシャンを扱っている東京のZineの表紙に私たちが載っているのを見たり、「ロンドンのバンドDream Wifeを知っているか」ってFuji Rockフェスティバルの演奏後に話しかけてくる人たちがいたらしいの。それ聞いた時は大笑いしちゃった。すっごく驚いたの。地球の裏側に私たちの分子がいることがわかって本当に嬉しかった。




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