The Orielles (Introduction)

The heavenly lush music of The Orielles makes you feel like you’re riding on a bicycle with a portable cassette deck on a beautiful day. Crisp and fresh. They’ve got Cupid behind them. Are you ready to be struck by its arrow?

極楽気分にさせてくれるThe Oriellesの音楽を聴くと、天気の良い日にポータブルカセットデッキ自転車にくくりつけて出かけたくなる。爽やかで瑞々しい。彼らのもとには、誰のハートだって射抜いてしまうキューピッドがいる!

The Orielles are formed by Esme (bass and vocals), Sidonie (drums) and Henry (guitar and vocals) hailing from Halifax, a town near Leeds. They are obviously youthful but we can tell they are down-to-earth by listening to their upright tunes. Their music is pretty retro, emitting influence of music from the 60’s, pop yet chill, peaceful yet edgy and cute yet cool. We would call this “Edenesque Rock”.

Esme’s voice is like soda candy which is fizzy at the beginning but will disappear on your tongue leaving a sweet taste in your mouth. It brings a nostalgic feeling. She plays a steady bass line while she sings, which allures us to dance comfortably. Sidonie’s drumming is accurate, she smashes exactly when you want it, as banging as Tommy Ramone’s, but hers is tighter and tidier! Henry’s guitar is very exciting, his clear and playful guitar sound stands out entirely during the songs. There isn’t any other guitar or synth player, which means he can’t cheat but he dares to play energetic melody, that’s smashing! And he shakes his head so hard we can’t see his face at all during some songs in their live show. That makes us wanna shake our heads too and it gives a big contrast with their overall chill taste.

They look like they have been enjoying creating their original music with their respect to the old. They know what they do and communicate with the audience by their music. This kind of attitude helps them draw in more and more fans. It can’t be long until the day they come to Japan!


The Orielles はEsme (ベース・ボーカル)、Sidonie (ドラム) そしてHenry (ギター、ボーカル)からなるLeeds近郊の町Halifax出身のバンド。彼らは見るからに若いけれどもその姿勢の良い音楽を聴くと彼らの着実型な人柄(バンド柄)が伝わってくる。彼らの音楽は少しレトロで60年代の影響を匂わせる、ポップだけどリラクッスできる、微笑みいっぱいだけどシャープ、かわいいけどかっこいい。言うなれば、「エデン(天国の)・ロック」というところ。

Esmeの声はまるでソーダキャンディのよう、初めは元気いっぱいなのに舌の上で甘い味を残して溶けて消えてしまう。どこかノスタルジックな気分にさせられる。そんな彼女は歌いながらも安定したベースラインを弾きこなす。彼女のベースに心地よーくゆるーく踊りたくなる。Sidonieのドラムは正確で、ほしい時にシンバルがばしっと入る。その気持ちよさはTommy Ramoneのドラムに通ずるものがあるが、彼女のドラムの方がタイトできれい!Henryのギターは最高、彼のクリアで遊び心が効いたギターの音は曲の間ずっと引き立っている。別のギターやシンセがいるわけではないので、ごまかしがきかないのにあえて豪快にメロディを奏でるその心意気に乾杯!また、ライブ中に顔がずっと見えないくらいがんがん頭降りながらギターを弾く姿を見ていると、こちらまでつられて頭を前後に動かしたくなる。この激しさと全体のゆるりとした曲調のコントラストが面白い。



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