Phobophobes (Introduction)

The Doors would be jealous. The reaper that was on Graham Bond Organization in the 60’s is now back hanging on Phobophobes!!! You can’t miss what’s going on around them!

伝説のバンドThe Doorsもジェラシーを感じるだろう。60年代にGraham Bond Organizationに憑いていた死神が新しい相棒に選んだのは、Phobophobes!!! これから彼らの周りで起こる怪奇現象を見逃すな!

Phobophobes…What a voodoo enchanting band! Whilst a lot of bands are striving to be unique and different from the others, this 5 piece band from South London make themselves very distinctive from any other bands effortlessly. Their individuality is as natural as ink stains on writing paper.

At first, their music is eerie psychedelic but you’ll soon notice their beat is tidy and all of the 5 members are smartly holding back somewhat to keep the sound not to be too much, they are absolutely elegant! It seems that they are kindly introducing us to entrance of their toxic voodoo world because we audiences are not ready yet.
Don’t you wanna see inside deeper? Run and catch up with them! This band will take your hand kindly and draw you into the alluring voodoo world deeper and deeper.

As Phobophobes represent, South London is like magma where young creative artists are growing hot. It’s really thrilling and we believe something important (a potential important event in UK music history)will happen soon.
Don’t miss it!



Phobophobesに代表されるように、今、サウス ロンドンに超個性的な若きアーティスト達が集まっている。マグマがふつふつと危険な音を立てているように、今にも何かが起こりそう。イギリス音楽史に残る歴史的な瞬間がここから生まれる予感。要注目!