Lusts (Interview)

Lusts took some time out of the summer festival season to talk to BAL about themselves, their inspirations and more. We were surprised to hear the word “Kyoto” from them because not many UK bands know the real gem in Japan. Through this interview, we can tell they have a great sense of aesthetic. You will love them more, check this out!

1. Would you introduce yourselves? How/when did you guys start the band?

It’s Andy and James here from Lusts. We’re brothers, and we started writing the music for Lusts in 2014. We’ve been playing music together since we were 14/15 years old.

2. I was so surprised to know that you are siblings. What are the pros and cons of forming a band only with siblings?

One of the great things about being siblings is the innate musical connection that you have. We always seem to know what each other is thinking before we say anything, and that’s quite special when creating or playing music. You know each other so well, I guess that can be a good or bad thing.

3. We think your music is comparable to some bands in the 80’s. Do you think you’ve got influence from that era? What kind of music do you originally like?

We take influence from so many different things, but aesthetically we are drawn to certain aspects of the 80’s. We want our music to exist in the current time-period though, and so we’ve taken ideas and influences from cinema, literature, soundtracks, and brought these elements together to create our own world and space.

4. How do you guys work when you make songs?

We have lots of different methods for creating songs, but one that seems to work well is when the music is born from a conversation between us. We’ll talk about a certain feeling or time, and so often the nucleus for an idea will come from that. Sometimes we’ll show films on a projector in our rehearsal space and play along to see what the visuals inspire.

5. Andy, your singing way is so beautiful. Have you taken a professional singer course or something like that?

That’s very kind, but no I’ve never taken a singing course. I did have a few lessons in maintaining my voice on tour, as you’re singing every night I wanted to protect it. But other than that, nothing!

6. Has something changed after you released your debut album? (Mind, life, people around you or anything)

That’s a cool question, and I think the answer is that in some ways everything changed, and everything also stayed the same, as it always does. For a long time releasing our debut album was an important target inside my head that I wanted to achieve and I’m very pleased we did. But I didn’t wake up with a grand epiphany the next day. You just keep going and creating and enjoying it. I must also say that I feel quite liberated and open to the next step now that the album is out, I feel ready to create again, which is a good feeling.

7. What do you think about the latest UK music scene?

I think that with the rise of the internet, stylistic trends have become less binary and it’s a really interesting time to amalgamate influences from many different areas, and I think this is a great thing. There aren’t many specific movements that dominate (apart from maybe Grime which I love), and it’s cool that you can listen to and take influence from Ambient music or Techno, and then listen to Folk or whatever. It should be that way, and so I think that the music scene is in good health.

8. Please tell us about the most impressive gig you’ve played so far.

Our album tour was a great time for us, and performing at Barcelona Razzmatazz was a cool experience, playing our set to a 2000 capacity room at around 3am. It was also good for us to play our first show in the US this year at the SXSW Festival. We very much enjoyed that.

9. Andy, whenever I see you on the stage, You are very fashionable. Are you stylish off stage as well?

I’m reminded of two quotes, one from Oscar Wilde, ‘You can never be overdressed or overeducated’, and another by Jim Morrison, ‘Some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts’. But in all honesty I just wear whatever I feel like, and it’s cool that you like it.

10. What are you up to for the rest of this year?

We are writing our next album, and trying to finish reading Master and the Margarita.

11. What kind of impression do you have on Japan?

We have always had such a fascination with Japan, and would love to visit. We love Studio Ghibli films, Haruki Murakami’s books, Lost in Translation, to name but a few things. I would love to walk around Kyoto someday, as well as many other places in Japan. We want to come and play some shows.

12. Would you give a message to your fans in Japan?

Have a great day and tell someone you love them.

Thank you for your time, Lusts. We truly wish to see you in Japan soon!




僕らは、LustsのAndy とJames。僕らは兄弟で、2014年にLustsの曲を書き始めた。音楽の演奏は14/15歳の頃から一緒にやってるよ。
















2つの名言が頭の中にあるよ。1つ目は「着飾ることと学ぶことにやりすぎはない」(Oscar Wilde)そして2つ目は「私の人生における最悪の失敗はヘアカットだ」(Jim Morrison)とは言っても、ぶっちゃけ自分が着たいものを着ているだけだよ。それを褒めてもらえるのは嬉しいな。


次のアルバムの曲を書いているよ。それと “Master and the Margarita” (Mikhail Bulgakov の小説)を読み終えたい。


日本には常に強く惹かれるよ。日本に行ってみたいな。僕らはスタジオジブリの映画、村上春樹の本、”Lost in Translation”(Sofia Coppola監督の日本を舞台にした映画)、他にも色々大好きなんだ。いつか京都を散策したいな、そして日本中の他の色々な場所も。日本でライブをしたいよ。