Phobophobes (Interview)

The members of the sick band Phobophobes answered to our questions to help us know about the band further! Just for BAL. Thank you guys!

1. Would you introduce yourselves?

We are
Jamie Taylor (guitar/lead vox),
Chris OC (keys/vox),
George Russell (guitar),
Dan Lyons (drums/vox)
and Elliot Nash (bass).

2. When/How did you guys start the band?

With this current lineup we’ve been playing together for just over a year, but Phobophobes has been going for about 3, maybe 4 years in total. George joined the band at the beginning of winter 2014 and Elliot followed about 6 months later. Before Elliot and George, Jamie and Chris had been working on stuff for a while, and played live with a drum machine and a different bassist called Ollie (who is now part time van driver for the band). The foundations of the songs we currently play were written by Jamie and Chris, but since recording our album we have been writing more as a band.

3. All of the members look so one-of-a-kind. How do you guys get along?

We get along very well most of the time, but we’d be lying if we said there wasn’t the usual fighting and bitching there is in most bands. We are all very different people but very good friends, sometimes we fight but we forgive each other quickly. We love each other really, even if the allure of murder does become strong at times.

4.Your music style is very unique and your videos are so elaborate as well. What do you get inspiration from?

We all listen to a lot of different music and we each bring our own musical influences to the songs,but there are loads of other things that inspire us. For example, when we were recording once we tried to make George’s guitar sound like a hoover, and then a whale. He loves whales. It’s hard to give particular examples because there are so many things we could talk about; music, books, films. Most of the songs deal in some way with the cultural wasteland that is millennial Britain, and the less glamorous, darker aspects of human nature. We don’t want to label ourselves as one type of band but our outlook on the world does tend towards an absurdest view of it. Our name is an obvious example, we all think it’s ridiculous! The videos for ‘Make a Person’ and ‘Advertise Your Life’ you can see on youtube weren’t really our ideas, they come from a friend who makes films and music videos and who said he’d do our videos for cheap if we did his ideas. They are his take on the songs, not ours. That’s ok though, collaboration can be a great thing and the videos didn’t turn out too bad. It’s also kind of necessary when you have no money.

5.You play gigs at Windmill Brixton pretty often such as New Year’s Eve 2016 gig and your latest tour in January. Do you have any special relation with the venue? 

Yes we do, the Windmill is a second home to us (and many others), and we built a studio in the basement recently, so we rehearse there now too. We have a good relationship with Seamus, the landlord, and Tim the promoter. They’re great people, and very tolerant of us! The Windmill is and has been fundamental to our development not only as a band but also as musicians, as we’ve all played there in different bands or as solo acts at some point. It’s the best music venue in London, there is nowhere else like it.

6. What do you think of the music scene in South London? Is it cooler than that in North, East, or West London?

We’re not really part of a scene, but there are some great bands around at the moment in South London. Meatraffle (Chris’ other band), Primordial Soup and Sweat are the ones we’ve played with that come to mind, they’re really good friends of ours and we love their music. We all play the Windmill fairly often and go to each others gigs when we can. If that constitutes a ‘scene’ then that’s fine, but although we may have mutual influences we sound very different to one another. There is a lot of great music all over London, you just have to wade through a load of shit music to find it.

7. As for your tour in January, you went so far such as Hull. What does it mean for you to leave London and play gigs in such a far away place?

It means a lot to us. We love getting out of London and hopefully we’ll be doing it a lot more in the future, that’s the dream anyway! We loved playing in Hull, had a great night up there. We all really enjoy being on tour.

8. Any upcoming activity?

Our single is out in March, and then we’ll probably work towards another single before releasing our album. We’ll probably do some more recording soon as well, we have a lot of songs that haven’t been recorded yet and loads of stuff to work on. Hopefully, Japan!

9. What do you know about Japan? Is it attractive for you?

Yes, very much so! None of us have ever been to Japan, but one of our friends from the band Sweat recently went there and said he had a great time. It is definitely somewhere we’d all love to visit, and hopefully one day we can play there (pleaseplease mother Earth let us play in Japan!)

10. Please give a message to Japanese  listeners!

We love you. We really want to come and stay with you. Keep listening to our music, be patient with us, and soon you can make our dreams come true by letting us play in Japan.



Jamie Taylor (ギター/リードボーカル),
Chris OC (キーボード/ボーカル),
George Russell (ギター),
Dan Lyons (ドラム/ボーカル) ,
Elliot Nash (ベース)。


Phobophobes自体はトータル3、4年くらいになるけど、現在の体制になってからは1年くらいしか経ってないよ。Georgeが2014年の冬に加入して、Elliotはその半年後に仲間になった。その二人が加わる前は、JamieとChrisはドラムマシーンを使いながら別のベーシストOllie (現在はバンドのためにvanを運転) と一緒にライブ演奏してたんだ。現在のバンドの曲の基礎はJamieとChrisが作ったけれどアルバム制作に入ってからは、バンド皆で曲作りしてるよ。




大抵の曲は、何やかんやで現代イギリスの抱えている問題を扱ってる。そして一般的にあまり好ましくない、人間の暗い側面について。僕らは、自分たちが一つのタイプに縛り付けられることが嫌なんだ。でも僕らの世界観は不条理主義の傾向があるね。僕らのバンド名がその良い例だね、僕らは皆、くだらないと思っているよ!(語源:Phobophobia 恐怖症恐怖。自分が恐怖症にかかることを恐れる恐怖症。) Youtubeで見れる‘Make a Person’ と‘Advertise Your Life’ に関しては、本当は僕らのアイディアではなかったんだ。映画やミュージックビデオを制作している友達がいて、彼のシナリオを演じる代わりに、安くビデオを作れると言われてね。だから、あの2つのビデオは曲に対する彼の解釈なんだ。僕らのじゃない。でも、まぁ、いいかな、コラボレーションは素晴らしい面もあるし、実際、ビデオの出来も悪くなかった。それに、こういうことはお金がない時には必要なことでしょ。

5.ロンドンの老舗ライブハウスThe Windmill (Brixton) でよくライブをやるね。2016年年越しライブや1月のツアーの時もこのべニューを使っていたけど、The Windmill とは深い関係があるの?

その通りだよ。The Windmillは僕らの第2の家だよ(他もね)。最近、地下にスタジオを造ったから、そこでリハーサルをしている。僕らは主人のSeamusとプロモーターのTimとも良い関係を築いているんだ。彼らは最高にいい人たちだよ、僕らに対してとても寛容!The Windmillは僕らの成長に必要不可欠だったし、それは今も同じ。このバンドとしてだけでなく、それぞれミュージシャンとして。僕らは皆、違うバンドで、あとはソロでもThe Windmillで演奏したことがあるんだ。ロンドンで一番のミュージックべニューだよ。同じようなべニューはどこにもない。

6.サウス ロンドンのミュージックシーンについてどう思う?ロンドンの他エリアより面白い?

僕らは、真にシーンの一部、とは言えないよ。だけど今、最高に良いバンドが何組かサウス ロンドンに存在するね。すぐに思いつくのは、一緒にライブをしたことがあるMeatraffle (Chrisの別バンド) 、Primordial Soup と Sweat。彼らはすごく仲の良い友達だし、彼らの音楽が大好きなんだ。 皆、The Windmill でかなり頻繁に演奏するから、可能な限りお互いのギグに行くようにしてる。それがいわゆる「シーン」を構成しているのなら良いんだけど。だけど僕らは互いの音が全然似ていないことによって相互に影響を与え合っているんだと思う。すごく良い音楽はロンドン中にたくさんあるよ。ただ、くそみたいな音楽が溢れている中をかきわけて見つけださないといけないのさ。

7.今年1月のあなた達のUKツアーでは、Hull (イングランド北東部)のようなだいぶ遠い地域にまで行っていたね。ロンドンを離れて、そんな遠いところでライブ演奏することはあなた達にとってどういう意味があるの?