Sulky Boy (Introduction)

Sulky Boy are killer which will bring you sweet pain, yet are as refreshing as a Sunday afternoon shower!

Sulky Boyの切なさは犯罪級。けれども、聴いた後は、日曜昼下がりに浴びるシャワーのような爽快感が待っている!

Sulky Boy is a remarkable band from Brighton where is a relaxed seaside area. They’ve captured our interest and we can’t look away! Contrary to the name of the band, the 4 members are smiley and laid back. Their sound reflects the personality of the band – simple, chill and honest. This is why we are into them so much! Natural sounds of warmness.

The lead singer Dan, is not afraid to sing from the heart about the feelings of being uncool and fussing about a girl, which is less common these days since everyone wants to look cooler than they are. Bucking the trend, he’s a congenital badass! The attitude empowers his voice and now it reaches into our hearts. His singing will touch your soul and keep you moving for the entire song. He tells a great story with his singing truly!

The other 3 boys back Dan up superbly: The sound of Sam’s bass guitar is unique – moving almost like a yoyo, you can’t help but move to the beat while guitars bring chord progressions made by a mint combo! The lead guitarist, Ben controls a brilliant harmony and gives off a lot of effects. All of this being held together by Andrew’s cool and pragmatic drum beat that sounds like the unattainable girl that appears in their song lyrics. You are able to watch this mini drama unfold whilst they play.

We cannot ignore their exceptionally upright lyrics which are easy to remember. Once you liked their song, you couldn’t stop humming it no matter where you are. In a bath, on the street, even on the train and in the other side of the earth! The song turns into an essential thing for you, which is almost a part of your life! We can imagine people singing along their songs not only during their gig but anytime! Sulky Boy will totally welcome you singing with smiles.


要注目のSulky boy は南イングランドの海辺の街Brightonのバンド。彼らの音楽にがっちり心を掴まれてしまい、気になって気になって仕方がない。そのバンド名(不機嫌な、すねた少年)とは裏腹にメンバー4人共にこやかで落ち着いた好青年。彼らの音楽はそんな彼らの親しみやすい人柄を映し出したよう ― シンプル、リラックス感、そして素直さ。これが彼らの音楽の魅力。人間らしい、ぬくもりのある音楽。



彼らのとても素朴な歌詞について触れずにはいられない。その飾らない言葉はとても覚えやすい。一度、彼らの歌を気に入れば、もうどこにいても口ずさんでしまう。お風呂の中で、道ばたで、電車の中で、そして地球の裏側でも!その歌はあなたの欠かせないものとなり、あなたの生活の一部になるはず。多くの人々が彼らの歌を歌うようになることを想像せずにはいられない、彼らのライブの間中だけでなく、どんな時も!Sulky Boyはあなたのシング・アロングを笑顔で迎えてくれるはず。


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photo©Greg Jackson