October Drift (Interview)

It wouldn’t be good if you lost sleep over wondering too much about them, BAL asked plenty of questions to Chris, the drummer. He was surprisingly friendly and frank, offered us loads of hints to be an October Drift master!

1. How/when did you guys start the band?

This project came together midway through 2014. We basically went up into a studio in the hills and locked ourselves away for the summer, writing and recording songs. It was a lot of fun to shut off from everything else going on in our lives and just experiment in our own space. This project came together midway through 2014. We basically went up into a studio in the hills and locked ourselves away for the summer, writing and recording songs. It was a lot of fun to shut off from everything else going on in our lives and just experiment in our own space.

2. What does “October Drift” mean? And does your unique signature come from “October (10)”? It’s really iconic and we’d like to know the story behind this!

To be honest the name doesn’t really mean anything. Or at least it didn’t when we thought of it. I think that band names don’t have to have a meaning at the start.It can just be a word or words that you think sound cool and literally go no further than that. I think the meaning comes later on and it’s determined by what you do as a band. If you write great songs and put out great content then the name of your band is going to become synonymous with that.
I’m really glad you think the logo is iconic. We’re all a bit obsessed with it. We became really infatuated with cults. Not that we wanted to join one or anything like that, but just the whole bizarreness of them. We wanted to make our band seem like a cult, so we got a guy to design this logo and we’ve used it as the main image for the band ever since.

3. What kind of music are you guys into?

Literally anything! Dan our guitarist has been listening to loads of Frank Ocean and R Kelly lately. He seems to be proper hooked! We’ve also all got into Silversun Pickups recently. I don’t know how none of us had ever come across them before, but when I heard them a few weeks ago it was like ‘ok, this is the band I’ve been waiting for!’. They have a really cool kinda 90’s sound, but it’s the songs that set them apart from anything I’ve heard this year. Just straight up awesome songwriting!

4. Who writes the lyrics? The lyrics are written with simple words but very profound and impressive, such as “I am you and you are me” (Syrup). Where does this style come from?

Kiran (vocal) writes the lyrics. It’s something he’s done since he was little. Occasionally the rest of us will chip in with the odd line here and there, but generally we find that our songs seem to come across as being more personal when one person writes the lyrics. I guess maybe that’s because it’s looking at a certain situation from one person’s perspective and putting that down on paper in their own way. As far as the lyrical style I guess that just comes naturally. I know that Kiran grew up listening to a lot of sad singer songwriters like Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen and I can see comparisons between their writing style and his.

5. Which band/artist do you respect?

Cor I could literally talk about artists I respect all day! I guess one which really stands out for not only me but all of us is Radiohead. I know it’s probably a bit cliché to say that, because they are just about the biggest band on the planet, but I think there’s definitely a reason that they are where they are. Any band that can get to the level which they have – both commercially and creatively – and sustain it for almost 2 decades I think deserves respect. What I like most about them though is that they’ve done it their way. They haven’t tailored their sound to fit a market, or to make themselves more radio friendly. They just write whatever the hell they want too and are constantly changing and innovating with each record they put out. Sure, a few of them have been a tad off the mark, but who cares? The fact that a band with as much expectation as Radiohead are willing to take the risk and not just put out a safe record is commendable.

6. Do you have any venues that you’d like to play in the UK? And outside of the UK?

To be honest, as long as there’s a half decent sound system we’ll play anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a tiny sweatbox or an academy, as long as we can create a vibe in the room then we’re happy. I think my favorite to play on the last tour though was Deaf Institute in Manchester. Visually it’s really impressive and the stage is head height. There’s also a balcony running down the left hand side which Kiran decided he was going to climb halfway through the set. Security weren’t very happy.
Outside of the UK I really want to play a show at La Lune Des Pirates in Amiens France. I’ve been there before to see bands and it looks like an awesome venue to play. It has these steps which go up the back of the venue and the lighting is amazing – had a real good atmosphere to it. Also Amiens is one of my favourite places on Earth. It literally is so good – go there!
We also want to see what places like Liquidroom in Tokyo are like, or Studio Coast in Shin-KIba, and Ex Theater in Roppongi. If our Japanese fans could drop us a message on Facebook and tell us that would be really cool.

7. What are you up to in the rest of this year?

Touring relentlessly and releasing more music. It’s what we love to do and we get very itchy after a few weeks, if we haven’t played a show. I think I drive everyone mad because I go a bit crazy to be honest. Can’t really cope when we’re not gigging as I get so bored!

8. You guys move around dynamically when you are on the stage and we’re always thrilled. Whose idea is this? Have you ever got injured?

It was never really something that we ever talked about or planned. It seemed to just happen. When we were rehearsing in our studio before our first shows, we’d be playing through the set and there’d be a point where we’d all look at each other and realise that we’d been moving around like mad for the past 20 minutes, all in our own little worlds. It’s just something that comes over us when we play our music. It’s like it’s the way we have to move. We can’t really control it. It can get a bit out of hand sometimes for sure!
There’s been loads of injuries! We’re always getting bumps and cuts from being hit by guitars, or jumping from the stage. The worst so far has been Biz (bassist) breaking his foot though. It happened on the second date of our last tour and he just soldiered on through the pain for the remaining dates on the tour. I can’t work out whether that’s really brave and should be commended and praised for it, or that he is just completely mental!

9. What do you think about the latest music scene in UK?

There’s a load of good bands that we’ve seen over the past year or so. Black Honey, Slow Readers Club, Psyence, Sienna Chorus, Oliver Wilde and The Naturals are just a few that really stood out. I think there seems to be so much music in the UK that it’s become a bit over saturated with bands though. There’s so many average bands out there that it’s really hard to sift through it all and come across something really good.
To every good band I see, there’s 50 mediocre ones. But I guess in a way that makes it that much more special when you do stumble across a band in a tiny venue that just blows you away. It’s very rare, but when it does happen it’s something that you never forget.

10. What do you think about Japan?

It’s a place that I’ve always wanted to visit! My friend lived in Tokyo for a few years and said it was the best experience of his life. Everyone’s really friendly and you can find vending machines for almost anything!!??! Is that true?? It’s one of the places that as a band we’d most like to play. What we like most is that the people in Japan seem to love bands and I keep hearing from musicians that they are the most amazing, loyal and hardcore fans around. Would literally be the happiest guy in the world to do a tour there! We hope to be there very soon.

11. Please give a message to your fans in Japan!

Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed reading this interview. Thank you for listening to our music and watching our videos. It’s great that we have so many fans in Japan already!
We’d love to come out to Japan and play so please phone our manager and ask him if we can come and play. His phone number is XXXXXXXXXXX (censored by the band manager!) If he doesn’t answer, then just ring again and keep ringing until he answers. If he still doesn’t answer then come to England and make him book the tour!! His address is XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX, (censored by the band manager!) Hillsborough, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. The Sat Nav will direct you slightly down the road but you’ll be in the right vicinity. Go to his house, maybe arm yourselves with some kind of banner saying something like ‘October Drift Japan 2016’ (that’s just a suggestion – feel free to get creative). If you can get in the building, his flat is at the top of the stairs on your right. Bang on his door and shout verbal abuse at him until you see him book a full Japanese tour in front of you. Maybe take one of his many girlfriends hostage if he refuses. Or threaten to smash up his i-pad (he fucking loves his i-pad). Basically do whatever you can to make him book us a Japan tour!
We are just planning all our live dates for the next 12/18 months and hope to make it over to Japan to see you all and play for you.
Thank you for inviting us to speak to you today, and hope to see you soon at a show in Japan!!!!!!

Hahahahaha. Chris, you are getting crazy! To their manager man, it must be time to “feed” gigs to them!

謎に包まれた彼らのことが気になって皆が寝不足になるのは良くないので、BALはドラマーのChrisにたくさん質問をぶつけました。彼は予想外に気さくで、私たちの興味津々な様子に応えて、赤裸々に色々と教えてくれましたよ。これであなたもOctober Driftマスターになれるかも!






何でも聴くよ!ギタリストのDanは最近、Frank Ocean と R Kellyを大量に聴いてる。奴はいい感じにハマってるよ!それと、僕らは皆、最近Silversun Pickupsにハマってる。どうして今まで僕ら誰一人としてこの音楽を聴いたことがなかったのかわからないけど、少し前にSilversun Pickupsの曲を聴いた時に、「そうか、僕がずっと待っていたのはこのバンドだ!」って思えたよ。 彼らは本当にクールな90年代っぽいサウンドを持ってるね、でも今年聴いた中で、他の音楽とはかぶらない曲を彼らは作ってる。ひたすらカッコいいソングライティングだよ!

4.誰が歌詞を書いているの?歌詞はとてもシンプルな言葉で綴られているけど、すごく意味深で印象的だね。たとえば、”I am you and you are me” (Syrup)。このスタイルはどこから来てるの?

ボーカルのKiranが書いている。Kiranが小さい時からずっと続けていることだよ。たまに僕ら他のメンバーが歌詞を加えることがあるけど、僕らの曲は、基本的に一人で歌詞を書き上げた方がよりパーソナルな印象を与えられるって僕らは理解しているよ。1人の人間の見方である物事を見て、その人のやり方で紙に書き綴るから、パーソナルなものになるんじゃないかな。歌詞のスタイルに関しては、ただ自然なものだと思うよ。KiranはNick Drake やLeonard Cohenといった哀しい曲を書くシンガーソングライター達の曲をたくさん聴いて育ったんだ。Kiranの歌詞が彼らから影響を受けていること、僕は見て取れるよ。

5.尊敬するバンド/ アーティストはいる?



正直言うと、そこそこ音響設備が整っていれば、僕らはどこでも演奏するよ。極小の取調室か、はたまたどでかいアカデミーかっていうのは関係ない。その場所で自分達のバイブを出せれば僕らはハッピーなんだよ。直近のツアーで僕が好きだったのはマンチェスターのDeaf Instituteかな。見た目がインパクト大で、ステージが背丈ぎりぎりなんだよ。左手に続くバルコニーがあって、Kiranがセットを通して途中まで登っていこうって決めたんだけど、セキュリティはあまり嬉しそうじゃなかったね。
UK国外だったら、フランスのアミアンにあるLa Lune Des Piratesでショーをやりたいな。前に観客として行ったことがあるんだけど、演奏するのに最高なべニューに見えたよ。小屋の後ろの方に上に行ける階段があって、それから照明がすごく良いんだ、雰囲気がすごく良い。それにアミアンは個人的に地球上で一番好きな場所の一つなんだ。もう本当に良いところだんだよ、行ってみて!
東京のLiquidroomがどんなところなのか見てみたいな。新木場のStudio Coast、六本木のEx Theaterも。もし日本のファンがFacebookを通して僕らにこれらのライブハウスの様子を教えてくれたら、ありがたいな。




怪我だらけだよ!僕らはいつもこぶや切り傷を作っているよ、ギターにぶつかったり、ステージから飛び降りたりして。ベーシストのBiz が足を骨折したのが今のところ最悪の怪我だね。直近のツアーの2日目で足を折って、ツアーの残りはずっと痛みを耐えてステージに立っていたんだ。Bizは勇敢で、褒め称えられるべきことをしたのか、それとも完全に頭がイカレてるのか、さっぱりわからないよ!


去年あたりから僕らが見てきた良いバンドはたくさんいるよ。Black Honey, Slow Readers Club, Psyence, Sienna Chorus, Oliver Wilde と The Naturalsは本当に目立って良いバンドの一例。UKにはすこぶるたくさんの音楽があって、バンドもちょっと飽和状態だね。普通レベルののバンドもたくさいんいて、その中からふるいをかけて本当に良いものと出会うのがすごく難しい。良いバンドは50組見て、いるかいないかだね。でもある意味では、そんな状況は、小さなべニューで頭ふっとばしてくれるようなバンドに出会えば、もっと感動する仕組みになっていると思う。音楽は溢れているけど、良いバンドはとてもレアだよ、でも出会えれば一生忘れられない。




僕らは日本に行って、演奏したいから僕らのマネージャーに電話して、僕らが来日できないかって尋ねてみて。マネージャーの連絡先はXXXXXXXXXXX(マネージャーによって削除済!)、もし彼が応答しなかったら、彼が応答するまで鳴らし続けて!もしそれでも彼が応答しなかったら、イギリスに来て、彼にツアーのブックをするよう働きかけて!!彼の住所はXXXXXXXXX XXXXXX, (マネージャーによって削除済!) Hillsborough, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. カーナビはわずかに離れたところを表示するけど、君は圏内にいるよ。 ‘October Drift Japan 2016’と書いたバナー(これは一例、作文大歓迎)を掲げて、彼の家に行って。もし建物の中に入れたら、彼の部屋は最上階の右手。ドアを叩いて、彼が君の前でジャパンフルツアーをブックするまで罵声を浴びせるんだ。もし彼が拒否するようなら、彼のたくさんいるガールフレンドの内の一人を人質にするのもいいね。それか、彼のi-padを壊すと脅すんだな(マネージャーはi-padを溺愛してるんだ)。基本的に、マネージャーにジャパンツアーをブックさせるためなら何でも試していいよ!僕らはちょうどこれからの12/18ヵ月のライブの日程を組んでいるから、日本まで足を伸ばして、日本の皆の前で演奏できたらいいな。

Chrisが壊れてきた。笑 マネージャーさんへ、飢えた彼らにライブのブッキングをお願いします!

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