COLOUR OF SPRING (Introduction)

What if a brilliant band with a shoegaze flavour came from the rocking talent pool in Leeds…It has and it’s fresh – COLOUR OF SPRING shows us how it is.

もしシューゲーズな音色を奏でるバンドが、真(新?)のインディーロックの聖地リーズから現れたら…この新緑のように瑞々しいバンド、COLOUR OF SPRINGがそれを見事に披露してくれている。

“A band from Leeds” – almost a brand these days. Edgy scenes in the UK have been made up by alumni from Leeds such as Gang of Four, Duels, The Music, The Pigeon Detectives and the Sunshine Underground.
Woooo, what music experts!! So, how can we stop expecting new bands from Leeds? We can tell COLOUR OF SPRING that they should be added to this list.

We saw COLOUR OF SPRING for the first time at The Macbeth, London in spring 2015 even then they showed us talent with their own styling. Since then, we’ve kept an eye on their activity – They definitely fit the elements that “A Band from Leeds” should have. They will be HUGE!

Whilst their music is said to be ‘shoegaze’, we feel it’s something more fresh, vibrant and cozy with a touch of spice to keep us paying close attention. The strong and bold sounds of the guitars feel like the song will fall into a heavy rock tune at a moment’s notice -but being kept in check by the thick sounds of the drums and the cotton candy lead vocals. In this beautiful repulsion, you feel as if you were on the cloud floating in the air. They seem to know the right equation to strike at our heart –their songs provide good company and stay gentle beside you, anytime.

No matter if you’re high or low, whatever’s in your mind right now, the songs of COLOUR OF SPRING will be with y’all

Gang of Four, Duels, The Music,The Pigeon Detectives、そして The Sunshine Underground!
彼らの先輩バンドの顔ぶれがすごい!確実に実力派。そんなリーズの新人に期待しないなんて無理!そしてこのCOLOUR OF SPRINGも後に語り継がれるバンドとなる予感。

私たちがCOLOUR OF SPRINGのライブを初めて見たのは2015年の春、ロンドンのThe Macbethという、インディーバンドとは切っても切れないライブハウスで。そこでの彼ら独特のライブ音をきっかけに彼らの活動を追ってきた。その初々しさの中に、後のビッグバンドが初期に持っている共通の要素とリーズ出身の強み、彼らはしっかり持っていることが感じとれた。




病める時も健やかなる時も、今、何を考えていようと、COLOUR OF SPRINGの曲はいつでもそばにいてくれる。



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