Whistlejacket (Interview)

We caught up with George (Vocals) from Whistlejacket while they are busy preparing for their European Tour. We hope you could feel their superb music taste and cool attitude from this interview.

1. Would you introduce yourselves?

George Matheou – Vocals and guitar
Danny Herman – Bass
Mickey Portlock – Synth
Doug Neville – Guitar and Backing Vocals
Sam Lister – Drums

2. Please describe the character of each member with one word.

George – Retired
Danny – Tall
Mickey – Placid
Doug – Contrary
Sam – Excitable

3. When / How did you start a band?

Me (George) and Danny have been in a band together since we were 16, we met at school, we’ve changed members over the years since then. Danny met the rest of the band at university and we’ve all been together for about a year.

4. Please tell us some names of the bands that you’ve supported so far.

Yuck, The Wytches, Night Beats, DIIV, Splashh, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

5. What is a typical phrase that people use to describe your music? And what do you think about it?

A lot of people describe us as shoegaze. We don’t really like this, shoegaze was a big influence but we take a lot from other genres as well and never really saw ourselves this way.

6. I guess you’ve taken a lot of influence from the US indie music but is this correct?

There are a lot of US indie bands we like, for sure, but a lot of the bands we love are on major labels and just as many of them are British as well as other nationalities.

7. What is the inspiration of your creation?

The inspiration comes from a lot of things, my life really.

8. I like “Duck Soup” a lot. Is this a love song?

I guess it’s a love song in a lot of ways, it addresses a person I love as the person I’m singing to, but it’s not specifically about how much I love her, or really about her, more about me and how she gets me. It’s a selfish love song.

9. Would you tell us a bit about your next project? Is something fun in the works?

We’ve just finished recording and mixing a new EP. We did all the recording and production ourselves. We wanted to make sure that it sounded exactly how we wanted and when we listen back to it in the future we want that longevity. We’re about to go on a European tour which we’re super excited for, that’s gonna be fun for sure, we can’t really wait for either.

10. What do you think about the UK music scene at the moment?

I think that the music in the UK is probably much like everywhere else. With every country you have a lot of bad music but an equal amount of really exciting things as well, there are a lot of great bands coming out of the UK you just need to know where to find the ones you want, I guess.

11. What kind of impression do you have on Japan?

Japan is the country I’d like to go to the most out of any country I’ve never been to. Both of tour and holiday, I’d love to go so so much. As far as the music goes I don’t know much, Acid Mothers Temple are a big influence on us, me, Danny and Mickey saw them play in London a couple of years ago. I used to work as a chef in a Japanese restaurant, I love the food and the culture seems so interesting.

12. Would you give a message to your Japanese listeners?

We love you, want to come and see you, until we can you should come and see us!

Thanks a lot for your forthright answers, George!
We wanna taste your Japanese dishes someday.


WhistlejacketからGeorge (ボーカル)がヨーロッパツアーの準備で忙しい中、BALのために時間を作ってくれました。このインタビューを通して彼らの優れた音楽性とクールなありさまを感じてもらいたい!


George Matheou – ボーカル、ギター
Danny Herman – ベース
Mickey Portlock – シンセ
Doug Neville – ギター、バックコーラス
Sam Lister – ドラム


George – じじぃ
Danny – 長身
Mickey – 落ち着いた
Doug – つむじ曲がり
Sam – 熱しやすい




Yuck, The Wytches, Night Beats, DIIV, Splashh, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard







8.あなた達の曲“Duck Soup”がとても好きなんだけれど、この曲はラブソングなの?







日本は僕が行ってみたい国のトップだよ。バンドとしてツアーをやりたいし、旅行もしたい。すっごく行きたい。日本の音楽に関してはあまり詳しくないけど、Acid Mothers Templeは僕らにとてつもなく影響を与えたね。彼らが2,3年前にロンドンでライブをした時に、僕とDannyとMickeyは見に行ったよ。あと、僕は日本食のレストランでシェフとして働いていたことがあるんだ、日本の食とカルチャーはとても興味深い。