Dream Wife (Introduction)

Dream Wife are on fire! They’ve got stunning looks, artistic mood, rocking tunes and punk spirit. Everybody wants them!

Dream Wifeの勢いが凄まじい!魅力的なルックス、アート性、ロックな音楽にパンク精神を兼ねそろえた無敵のバンド。今、困るくらい彼女たちに人気集中!

Dream Wife were formed by 3 cool girls, Alice, Bella and Rakel when they were students at an art school in Brighton. They are rapidly rising through the stages of fame in London.
They supported Black Honey who recently went to Japan to perform at the Summer Sonic Festival 2016 and aced it. The fans of Black Honey tend to follow Dream Wife as well in the UK. We guess the same interaction can happen among the Japanese audience.

Not only their stylish press photos but their live performance is a must-see! We know the fact that lefty guitarists excite guitar freaks but Alice is top class! Using palm muting effectively, Alice’s cutting guitar sound is thing to be praised! If you see this in person, you won’t be able to take your eyes off her banging snap.
The singer Rakel’s voice is girly. Even in a shouty song, Rakel keeps her fairy-like cuteness and she understands how pretty she is; she can’t hide it by hopping around on the stage, blowing kisses and talking to the audience with her ultra kawaii Icelandic accent! You will get a crush on her!
A nice contrast with the singer’s sweetness, the bass line is raw, which stops their style from being too girlie-girlie! And also, Bella’s bass is very necessary to hold everything together for their loud but well organized music.

The reason BAL wished to feature them is as above. They are marching onto the music scene with their bubbling energy and fantastic skill. They will soon break out!!

Dream Wifeは3人のかっこいい女子、Alice、Bella、Rakelがブライトンのアート学校時代に結成したバンド。彼女たちの評判はロンドン中に急激に広まった。彼女たちは2016年のサマーソニックフェスティバルに出演し、オーディエンスを魅了したBlack Honeyのサポートアクトを務めたことがある。イギリスではBlack HoneyのファンはDream Wifeをフォローする傾向が見受けられるので、同じ相互作用が日本のオーディエンスの間でも起こってもおかしくない。




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