Get Inuit (Interview)

We are delighted to have Jamie (vocal) from Get Inuit for the interview of BAL. You can find how witty he is and what makes the character of the band attractive to us.

1. Would you introduce yourselves?(Name/instrument)

Jamie – Vocals/Guitar
James – Lead Guitar
Oliver – Bass
Robert – Drums

2. When/How did you guys start the band?

We started the band in the summer of 2013 but didn’t take it seriously until 2014. I had been working in a warehouse, in exile from all things bright and beautiful. Upon my return I wanted to start a band with a dear friend named Oliver. With neither of us being spectacular musicians we decided to work with the best drummer and guitarist we could find – and the Simpson brothers (James and Robert) were the perfect match.

3. How did you get the name “Get Inuit”? What is the idea behind?

We wanted to have a name that was easily found when typed into search engines. And stupid puns are our speciality.

4. For which bands have you supported so far? Did you learn something from those bands?

We have supported many amazing bands. Pup, DZ Deathrays, Broken Hands and Slaves, all stood out as having brilliant live shows. We’re supporting VANT in April which I’m sure will be an enlightening show to get up close and personal with.

5. We heard you are now recording for your new album. What will be your new album like? What can we expect?

Expect the unexpected. 12 minute Avant Garde compositions mixed with Glockenspiels and cheese grater solos!

6. Your jokes from a stage are pretty funny. Are you a jester in your private time as well?

Nope. Not one bit. I save it all for the gaps in between songs. I’m essentially a mannequin offstage.

7. How’s music scene in Kent? Does it have some famous venues or many local bands?

The Tunbridge Wells Forum is possibly the biggest venue in Kent. Any band worth their salt has played there through the years. Locals bands like Broken Hands, Fish Tank and SKIES are smashing it at the moment. Fully deserved too!

8. Does all of the members in the band like the same type of music? What kind of music did you grow up with?

We all have different tastes which influence our parts, however there are a few bands that we all equally love. Bands like, Beach Boys, The Pixies, Nirvana and the like. The obvious cornerstones of any guitar band.

9. What kind of impression do you have on Japan?

Being collective novices when it comes to Japanese culture, I think the biggest thing we’ve learnt about Japan is how dedicated the music fans are. In the UK, there is an air of being “too cool” to enjoy certain genres, especially live. From watching videos of bands I love playing in Japan, that aura doesn’t exist. It’s wonderful to see music lovers, loving music!

10. Please give a message to Japanese fans!

Never Eat Shredded Wheat!

BAL: …Can someone arrest Jamie?
Well, but maybe this is hiding an important meaning…
Anyway, we truly love ya! Thank you!

Get InuitのJamie(ボーカル)がBALのインタビューに応じてくれました。彼がどれだけウィットに富んだ青年かお分かりいただけるはず。これがまたバンド全体の魅力につながっているのです。

Jamie – ボーカル/ギター
James – リードギター
Oliver – ベース
Robert – ドラム

2013年の夏にバンドをスタートさせたけど、2014年まで真剣に考えなかったな。それまで僕は倉庫で働いてんだ。外の世界の明るくてきれいな全てのものから逃れるようにね。そこを辞めてすぐに、大親友のOliverとバンドを始めたいって思ったんだ。僕ら二人とも華やかさに欠けるからね、最高のドラマーとギタリストと組んでやるって決めたんだ。Simpson兄弟(James とRobert) が圧倒的に一番だった。

3.どうしてバンド名を “Get Inuit”にしたの?
検索エンジンにかけた時にすぐヒットする名前にしたかったんだ。そしてくだらないダジャレは僕らの得意分野さ(get into it)。

たくさんのバンドのサポートをしてきたよ。どのバンドも最高。Pup, DZ Deathrays, Broken Hands and Slaves、彼ら皆、ライブ演奏がずば抜けてうまいよ。





The Tunbridge Wells Forum が多分Kentで一番大きなべニューだな。有名なバンドだったら大抵そこでライブやってる。地元バンドはBroken Hands, Fish Tank や SKIESが絶好調だよ。彼らの評判には十分納得だね。


僕らは皆違うテイストを持っていて、それが僕らの音楽に反映してるよ。だけど共通して好きなバンドもないことはないね。例えば、Beach Boys, The Pixies, Nirvana みたいな。明らかにギターバンドの基礎を築いたようなバンド。




Never(North) Eat(East) Shredded (south)Wheat(West)!

上記、東西南北を時計回りに順番に覚えるための言葉遊び。冗談もほどほどにね!怒笑 いや、でも深い意味があるのかも…そんなこんなで、我々のハートを一瞬も離さないバンド。インタビューへの協力、ありがとう!


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