The Orielles (Interview)

Not only Kawaii but a seriously cool band, The Orielles have been capturing our interest since we saw them at The Old Blue Last, London in July 2016. Their enjoyable music makes us wonder about them and their musical influence. And luckily, we had a chance to talk with them and this is how it went:

1. Would you introduce yourselves?

Hi! We’re Esme (bass and vocals), Sidonie (drums) and Henry (guitar and vocals).

2. When / How did you start a band?

We’ve been friends since we were all pretty young so started playing music together at an early age. It was only until fairly recently that we decided to take the band a little more seriously by playing shows and recording music etc. We started the band through the love of the same kind of music!

3. Who is the most strongest of the three?

Physically or mentally haha? Sid is the oldest out of us three so she keeps us on the straight and narrow!

4. Please tell us some names of the bands that you’ve supported so far.

Some of our favourites include; Twin Peaks who we played a local house show with a year ago, Tomorrows Tulips, Fat White Family who we played with in Canada which was a really cool experience, The Magic Gang, we’ve played a few times with Dune Rats which is always pretty fun, just to name a few!

5. Seems you have hard schedule sometimes. What is your booster?

Yeah when we’re out on tour it can be pretty non- stop and hard to find time to ourselves as a band, however we like to break up the busy schedule with some good quality vegan food, we have a rule of no junk food on tour (or as little as possible at least haha), some good long talks and charity shopping.

6. Which band/artist do you respect?

There are too many! We respect any band thats sort of the same age as us and is making sick music as you have to be really dedicated to break through in this industry. For example bands like Trudy, The Showers, Babe Punch, Chest Pains etc are all doing great things and creating their own scenes which is rad. In terms of bigger bands we respect, The Beach Boys, and particularly Brian Wilson’s production is a massive influence on us and we respect him so much for making such a masterpiece with Pet Sounds despite all of the troubles he faced.

7. What is the inspiration of your creation?

We find inspiration in everything. A lot of our songs are based on the smallest detail or aspect of one object or thought. We are inspired by the things that make us angry, happy, sad and every other emotion. Reading books and watching films also helps to expand the possibilities for inspiration.

8. What is the music scene in your town like? Is it different from the scene in London?

The music scene in Halifax (our home town) is very small, however we are close to Leeds which has a thriving music scene and is where we would say we belong. It’s different to the scene in London as it is more intimate and more like minded, in the sense that everyone supports each others projects. In London it is so much bigger so there are bound to be bands that go under the radar. Leeds also seems to promote a more DIY ethic in terms of music which we really respect.

9. What kind of impression do you have on Japan?

We think Japan has had a great music scene over the years as we listen to a lot of Japanese funk from the 70’s/ 80’s such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Masayoshi Takanaka and Haruomi Hosono however we are yet to explore what Japan’s current music scene has to offer!

10. What would you like to do if you got a chance to come to Japan?

We’d love to come and play some shows in Japan it would be a fun and different experience!

11. Would you give a message to your Japanese listeners?

Yo guys, stay cool stay chill, thanks for checking out our music, hopefully we can come and join you all in Japan soon! Xxx

Thank you, The Orielles, you are wonderful! Keep up the good work!


2016年7月、ロンドンのThe Old Blue Lastにて、ただかわいいだけじゃない絶対本気のバンドThe OriellesにBALはハートを盗まれてしまった。もっと彼ら自身のことやその音作りの秘密を知りたいとわくわくさせてくれる楽しい音楽。そしてラッキーな私たちは、ついに彼らに直接話を聞く機会をゲット、根掘り葉掘り聞いてしまいました。


Hi! 私たちは、Esme (ベース・ボーカル)、Sidonie (ドラム) そして Henry (ギター・ボーカル)だよ。




精神的に?体力的に? この質問ウケる。笑  Sidが一番年上だからまとめ役だよ!


大好きなバンドをサポートしてきたよ。Twin Peaksとは地元で1年前に共演したし、Tomorrows Tulips、Fat White Familyとカナダで一緒にプレイできたのはすごく良い経験になった。あとはThe Magic Gang、Dune Ratsとは何回か一緒に演奏したけど毎回楽しい。他にもいっぱい!




いっぱいいるよ!自分達と同い年ぐらいで、かっこいい音を作ってるバンドだったらリスペクトを示すよ。だってこの業界でやってくってすごく大変なんだよ。例えば、Trudy、 The Showers、 Babe Punch、 Chest Painsみたいなバンドは皆やってること最高で、自分達のシーンを作ってるよね、すごくかっこいい。もっと大きなバンドでリスペクトするのは、The Beach Boys、特に、Brian Wilsonのクリエイションから受けた影響は半端ないよ。彼は数々の悲劇に襲われ、苦労したにも関わず、Pet Soundsという名作を作り上げたことにひたすら尊敬。











インタビューへの協力ありがとう。The Oriellesは超良いから、これからも頑張ってね!

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